The Maintaining Partner offers financial support for maintenance of the Institute and its projects as a whole.

abadhsAGEMMSD - Fique bem

Multiplying Partners
Multiplying Partners support specific institute projects or their multiplication in a particular city of the country.

Banco VotorantimDominique Geiger

Operating Partners
Operating Partners offer services necessary for institute operation free of charge.

Pinhão e Koiffman AdvogadosCasa Ronald McDonald Rio de JaneiroSapiens AssociadosObserver

Supporting Companies contribute financially to support institute activities.

GonçalvesRosa EmpreendimentosFortknox

The Criança é Vida also relies on:

  • Gráficos Sangar Ltda.
  • Uniflexo Indústria Gráfica Ltda.

Associations include third-sector groups and networks for exchange of knowledge, experience or services.

Rede Nacional Primeira InfânciaAssociado GIFE