The Criança é Vida Bebês (Child is Life Babies) is focused on providing knowledge about the decisive time of emotional and social development of babies beginning with acknowledgement of the importance of the early childhood bond, making caregivers and parents aware of the importance of their care, providing them with new skills related to babies and expanding their understanding of the emotional life of a baby in the first 36 months.

The overall objective of the Instituto Criança é Vida (Child is Life Institute) is to collaborate in the instruction of parents and caregivers to promote better quality of life for children of socially disadvantaged populations.

The project was formatted and implemented at the beginning of 2002, the same year the World Health Organization declared prevention of violence a public health priority (Resolution WHA4925 – 2002).

  1. A good start to life
  2. Food and sleep
  3. The emotional and social development of the baby
  4. Growing through separations
  5. Baby’s new development
  6. Learning to grow

It is amazing how everyone pays attention during the meeting, unlike in other meetings. All those participating, mothers, and even babies, remain quiet at these times; the theme is light and taught in a way that leaves the babies relaxed.

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Ezilema thanked us for the course, since she is pregnant again and, in the first instructional unit, learned new things about caring for babies, which she had not known when she had her first child, Davi. She said that she would do things differently now with her next child.

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A mother asked us if we took training courses and we said yes. She found this very interesting and said she was now sure she could trust the people who take care of her baby

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