Growing Up with Values

Contemporary society has been characterized by a set of events that contribute to the design of a new social order. We can say that this new order is the result of different phenomena: political, economic, cultural and scientific, associated with the greater importance given to knowledge, information and technology.

In this context, I believe it is very important to sensitize children, their families and their educators to issues that are very important and that contribute to the development of children more aware of their values and more in conformity with their desires, who will be able to make choices for a better world – a fairer, more human, more supportive and healthy world.

This project is composed of two cycles directed at two age groups:

  • Understand and build – 7 to 9 years of age
  • Our role for a better society – 10 to 12 years of age

The project focus – which began in 2014, serving children from 7 to 9 years of age, with a second cycle added in 2015, for children from 10 to 12 years old – is to develop children more aware of their values, so they can become transforming agents for a better world.

Specific Goals

  • Sensitize children to self-knowledge, so they are able to recognize their own feelings, emotions, desires;
  • Provide children with knowledge of others, respecting feelings, emotions, and desires different from their own;
  • Explore issues such as discrimination, prejudice, exclusion etc.
  • Help children appreciate what they have, and also respect others just as they are;
  • Work out issues such as loss, frustration, changes and situations of conflict;
  • Strengthen children’s self-esteem;
  • Question children about dilemma situations such as, friendship, trust and honesty;
  • Provide elements for reflection on the issues of “having” in contemporary society (consumerism);
  • Strengthen children so they can make choices and more conscientious decisions.

Strategic Alliance:

During preparation of the project, a Strategic Alliance was established with the Companhia das Letrinhas publishing house, for the purpose of contributing with fun and educational content.

Understand and build cycle – 7 to 9 years of age

  1. Values
  2. I am this way
  3. Honesty, trust and friendship
  4. Consciencious consumption

Our role for a better society cycle – 10 to 12 years of age

  1. The value of respect and gratitude
  2. A talk about honesty and friendship
  3. The consumer society and the exaggerated worship of beauty standards
  4. I am a person of value

A child said that he did not talk to his father at home because he only protected his little sister, but due to the project he understood that his sister needs to be taken care of. He now understood his father and they became good friends again.

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When we had just finished applying the dynamics of kindness, a child fell from her chair while sitting down, but her classmates did not laugh and right away another child went to help her, offering to pick up ice, but it was unnecessary.

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What most impressed me in the project was how people and their differences were valued. We’re all different.

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(What most impressed me was) a student’s change from aggressive to more loving behavior, which his teacher and parents had no longer hoped for.

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This work gave me the opportunity to better reflect on the subject of values and how important they are in my personal and professional life. I could review concepts and also be a high-quality certified instructor in my work.

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They were all great moments for me, but what most caught my attention was how we were able to consider the subjects in the context of our own realities. It made me reflect a lot on contemporary society.

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The dynamics are very creative, contributing to changed perspectives, not only in my group, but also in me.

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There were changes of behavior in children’s relationships. The right and the wrong played a decisive role. Parents tell us that they are more supportive at home.

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Materials made available by the Institute are very rich, colorful, and attract attention. Games are well used, really help them learn, and contribute to project success. In my opinion, the Crescer com Valores (Growing Up with Values) project is fantastic.

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