Living Well

A project directed at children in the 7-to-9-year age group and their families. It deals with education for health, environmental responsibility, values and social behavior (good manners), and drug prevention content.

The project began in 2010, with a focus on physical and emotional development of children in a harmonious way and with respect for the environment; its contents covers education for health, environmental responsibility, values, self-esteem and social behavior (good manners).

Reinforce the importance of knowing how to make decisions (drug prevention).

Specific project objectives

  • The main purpose of Criança é Vida Viver Bem (Child is Life Living Well) is the “Prevention of Drugs,” but the approach involves making decisions to live well.
  • The nature of the work requires ties with the community (trust, warmth).
  • The work includes contents related to education for health, as well as environmental responsibility, values and social behavior
  1. The brain commands all!
  2. Health, food and healthy habits
  3. Health and the environment
  4. Decisions to live well

A child stopped me in the hall, when leaving with his father, to tell me that he had taught his family healthy choices.

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This was the best and greatest project ever developed by a company here in the municipality, benefiting children of our public schools. The other projects had no visibility, they did not affect education and had no impact.

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Teachers report the change in the students, the project is useful, came at a good time, and the way it is developed is very good. There were relationship problems and acceptance is now very good. Not one parent missed the parents’s meeting… There were no more reports of dirty children, smelling like urine. It is unbelievable, but hygiene orientation had a great effect. The project is wonderful!

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