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A partnership with the Instituto Criança é Vida (Child is Life Institute) provides the opportunity to engage in social work, by joining efforts with those who already have years of experience in projects for companies. Thus, by joining forces, we have a greater impact on society. We work to strengthen family and community.

Donations made to qualified entities such as the Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) can be deducted as expenses by donating companies taxed under the real profit regime, up to 2% of operating profit, both for purposes of income taxes and for social contributions on profits. (Law No.9.249/95, Art. 13; RIR, Art. 365, Item II and MP No. 2158-35/01).

  • Companies can sponsor Instituto Criança é Vida (Child is Life Institute) projects for Brazilian cities of their interest. Over recent years we have developed projects with public schools in cities like Paranaguá, in the state of Paraná, Candeias and Trancoso, in the state of Bahia, Sorriso, in the state of Mato Grosso, Rio Verde, in the state of Goiás, Trairi, in the state of Ceará, São Lourenço da Mata, Glória do Goitá and Feira Nova, in the state of Pernambuco, Campinas, Souzas and Mogi das Cruzes in the state of São Paulo, and Souzas, funded by the following companies: Mosaic, Eólica Faísa, MSD and Dominique Geiger Institute.
  • Companies can also contract projects for corporate volunteering. Volunteering projects are analyzed on a case by case basis according to company needs and availability. Over the Institute’s history, we have had volunteer groups in the following companies: Schering-Plough, Mantecorp, Elly Lilly, Macro, Vedacit, Carrefour and MSD.
  • Companies can provide the Institute with financial support or services.

Partner Category

  • Maintainers – a Maintaining Partner offers financial support for maintenance of the Institute and its projects as a whole. Our maintaining partners include: ABADHS, AGEM and MSD.
  • Multiplying Partners – a Multiplying Partner support specific institute projects, or their multiplication in a particular city of the country. Former or current multiplying partners include: Bovespa, Instituto Hedging&Griffo, Carrefour, Banco Votorantim, Dominique Geiger Institute.
  • Operating Partners – Operating Partners offer services necessary for institute operation free of charge. They are: Pinhão e Koiffman Advogados, Casa Ronald McDonald, FLAG Comunicação, JAD LOG,  Sapiens Associados,  Observer Pesquisas de Marketing.
  • Supporters – Supporting companies contribute financially to support institute activities. They are: Gonçalves S.A. Indústria Gráfica, JAD LOG, Rosa Empreendimentos Imobiliários Ltda., Fortknox Tecnologia de Segurança Ltda., Uniflexo Indústria Gráfica Ltda.

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