Criança é Vida Crianças (Child is Life Children),began as a pilot project in 1999, but it soon became a highly successful program of the Criança é Vida (Child is Life) project. Its goal is to transform children into small agents of change for their own reality.

And, to learn to work with children in the best possible way, a Strategic Alliance was established with the Escola Viva, a preschool reference in the city of São Paulo. It is very important to have the educational support of those who know how to sensitize children and offer activities that really awaken the interest of this age group.

This project was originally designed for the 5-to-6-year age group, and in 2012, the instructional units were also adapted to 3-to-4 year-old children. In recent years, we worked only with the project for the 3-to-4-year age group, a cycle of 8 instructional units.

Cycle 1

  1. Me and my bath
  2. Playing and eating with clean hands

Cycle 2

  1. Caring for skin and hair
  2. Clean and wash with soap

Cycle 3

  1. Too, too, ra, too, from “I care for my teeth”
  2. You can’t be too careful

Cycle 4

  1. Eating to grow I
  2. Eating to grow II

Mothers are very grateful for the opportunity because their kids have started eating vegetables and greens they never ate before participating in the Criança é Vida (Child is Life) instructional units.

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You cannot eat dirty things because you’ll get little belly bugs; they are the microbes.

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You cannot leave the water tank open otherwise the little dengue bug is going to live there.

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I learned that I have to wash my dog Tobi’s little dish every day.

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Some children have started bathing on their own. Julia’s mother said that she is now bathing with her doll and has taught her mother to wash behind her ears and between her toes.

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During the year, I noticed that the children developed the habit of washing their hands before lunch and also making sure their friends did the same. And although they are young, they have been concerned about saving water when washing their hands and brushing their teeth. The children end up serving as reference points for the family.

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Some parents commented that their kids are no longer satisfied with simply brushing their teeth carelessly; they are now doing their best to brush them the right way.

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We can never let rats pee in our homes.

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We noticed more interest in eating fruit after lunch. Children who refused to eat, started eating. They are eating better.

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