For social organizations and public schools

  • They can register for free participation in training activities in São Paulo, Guarulhos, Taboão da Serra, Embu das Artes, Embu Guaçu, Itapecerica da Serra, São Bernardo do Campo, Barueri, Santos, Campinas, Mogi das Cruzes, Rio de Janeiro, Itaguaí, Mesquita, Nilópolis, Japeri.
  • Other municipalities, close to the cities offering projects, can also subscribe as long as they form a group of 18 institutions involved in education and social assistance programs, with at least two educators per institution that provide care to children and adolescents in the project age group.
  • Social organizations, public schools and social networks are considered to be organizations that benefit from the projects. They receive training, but do not provide financial support to the Institute. For this reason, they have no right to promote their logos on Instituto Criança é Vida (Child is Life Institute) materials.
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