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The Instituto Criança é Vida (Child is Life Institute) was born as a social project run by a private company, in 1996, working initially with 20 volunteers in 9 institutions. It is a non-profit organization that develops projects to support what doctors and psychologists see as the minimum necessary to prevent diseases and ensure the healthy development of babies, children and adolescents. The main focus of the projects is their physical, emotional and social health.

In 2019, it worked with 880 institutions, enabling 1,944 educators and benefiting 67,238 people, among children, adolescents and adults.

With the pandemic causing our face-to-face work to be interrupted, the Institute, aligned with other organizations, decided it was the right moment to strengthen and assist professionals for a return to their activities with children, adolescents and families, also seriously impacted by the pandemic. Therefore, the Institute developed a project to be offered remotely for educators and teachers affected by those uncertain times.

Since August 2020, our multidisciplinary staff developed a series of specific instructional units for the purpose of ASSISTING, SUPPORTING and INFORMING educators and teachers. These instructional units were multiplied by the means of Zoom conferences for online classes with about 30 participants; the conferences were interactive and an effective participation of each educator was encouraged and required. The following table is respective to the results of this work:

In July 2021, we were planning to resume our regular projects as of 2022. However, conversations with coordinators and directors of the Social Assistance and Education fields moved the Institute towards meeting a current important need from our partners: to ASSIST, SUPPORT AND INFORM families and children the same way it was done for educators.

That made the Institute hasten the creation of a 3rd Cycle of specific instructional units to meet the unanimous demand to help address the consequences of the pandemic with children and their families in an accessible, simple and age-appropriate way. 

 If you are interested in additional information about the Institute or our instructional units – in english – please contact us at the email address:

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